1. Go to your list of calendars, right click, and select New Calendar…
  2. Choose On the Network and click Continue.
  3. Use the following options and click Continue.
    • Format: CalDav
    • In the steps below, be sure to use the long NetAccess username (full first and last name, lowercase, no spaces. e.g. nathanwehr)
    • To add your own User calendar:
      • Location: https://campus.hartland.edu:8443/calendars/users/your_long_username/calendar
    • To add someone else’s User calendar:
      • Location: https://campus.hartland.edu:8443/calendars/users/long_username/calendar
    • To add a Group calendar:
      • Location: https://campus.hartland.edu:8443/calendars/groups/groupname/calendar
  4. Choose a name for your calendar and click Continue.
  5. Authenticate with your long NetAccess username and NetAccess password and click OK.
  6. Contact Media Services to activate if you are creating your own User calendar for the first time, or wish to view someone else’s User or Group calendar.
  7. Done!

Nathan Wehr



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